Ce slam s’intitule No time to die, car, non, nous n’avons pas le temps de mourir ! Je l’ai écris en anglais, pour le plaisir d’utiliser d’autres mots d’une autre langue dans un de mes slams. Et puis, parce que j’avais envie de transmettre ce message dans la langue la plus comprise au monde. Et puis … comme ça, sans avoir vraiment besoin de le justifier plus que ça… 😉


You and I have no time to die
And now girls and guys
We’ve got to feel alive
And fly to reach the sky,
Just like a butterfly.

Despite the fact that we’re quite uptight,
We need to shine up in the night
To spread a light above the flaws of mind,
Because, we have no time to die.
I’m not disguising a lie.
I just wish to imply
That we might try to open the eyes,
To revise how we analyze the signs
And realize we simply have no time to die.

So we will keep the fight, for human rights
With an insight certifying that it’s not a crime
To try drying the cries of a little child.
That it’s not a crime to drive our lives
On thousand miles in the heights,
With a roll call of love around the dove guides
Until all the kids get the same ticket
To go through Shangri-La’s gates.

That’s why, whatever the price,
We must crystallize the sands of our time
In our hands to draw a fate line across the pines
And find behind a better state which lie
Under sunnier climes.

I’m neither a knight nor a playwright lost in plight.
I just try to have hindsight
And write these rhymes
Like a picket sign in the spotlight.
Some words whereby I try
To unify our brightest lights in the fight,
To testify and highlight why
We absolutely have no time to die.


COD KINAY – le 09/02/2016


we have no time to die like anonymous

Pour illustrer ce slam j’ai choisi cette photo du masque des Anonymous, parce que ça peut-être toi, ça peut-être moi, et donc nous, qui nous battons pour la liberté et les droits des hommes, femmes et enfants de toutes les espèces de la planète. « We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us »


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